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Programme (draft, changes withheld!)

Programme draft, CHANGES WITHHELD (as of 15th January 2014)

Location (Egyetem u. 2 [map]):

Coffee breaks: Mikola Tibor szeminárium, 2nd floor

20-25 Jan: all courses and lectures in room 107, ground floor

27-31 Jan: afternoon courses and lectures in room 107, Mari courses in Klemm Antal szeminárium (1st floor), Mészöly Gedeon szeminárium (2nd floor), room 3302 (3rd floor, English department).


Morning (9–12)

Afternoon (13–17)



Sunday 19 Jan

Arrival in Szeged, accommodation.


Monday 20 Jan

Express welcome, organisational remarks

Nenets course, session 1

Workshop Contact-induced language change, session 1 (ES & JL)


Reception hosted by the embassies of Estonia and Finland

Tuesday 21 Jan

Nenets course, session 2

Guest Lecture: Anna Fenyvesi, Bi- and Multilingualism

Workshop Scientific writing, session 1 (JB & JL)



Wednesday 22 Jan

Nenets course, session 3

Lecture: Elena Skribnik, Typology and FU Studies

Workshop Contact-induced language change, session 2 (MBN)



Thursday 23 Jan

Nenets course, session 4

Workshop Fieldwork methods, session 1 (P. Austin)




Friday 24 Jan

Nenets course, session 5

Workshop Fieldwork methods, session 2 (P. Austin)



Saturday 25 Jan

– Sunday 26 Jan

free individual programme

advice and tips for free social/cultural programme in Szeged will be provided

Monday 27 Jan

Mari course, session 1

Workshop Fieldwork methods, session 3 (ES & ZsS)

Lecture: Janne Saarikivi, Ethnographic knowledge & fieldwork



Tuesday 28 Jan

Mari course, session 2

Workshop Scientific writing, session 2 (JB & JL)

Lecture: Gerson Klumpp, Typology and FU Studies



Wednesday 29 Jan

Mari course, session 3

Workshop Contact-induced language change, session 3 (GK & MBN)

 Social programme: Mari evening


Thursday 30 Jan

Mari course, session 4

Workshop Scientific writing, session 3 (JB & JL)




Friday 31 Jan

Mari course, session 5

Colloquium. Closing discussion.


Farewell party.

The last day is a full working day. Students are to stay in Szeged until Saturday!

Saturday 1 Feb



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