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General information

See also: Guidelines for participants (PDF)!

The working language of the Winter School is English, but all participants are encouraged to use as many other languages – in particular, the Finno-Ugric ones – as possible.

Who can participate?

The Winter School is mainly meant for advanced (postgraduate or advanced MA) students in Finno-Ugrian studies. However, this should not prevent motivated and interested advanced BA students from applying.

The participating students are selected by each partner institute during the autumn of 2013 (provisory deadline for application: end of October). More information will be available at each partner institute. 

The numbers of participating students have been set in the application as follows:

  • Vienna: 5
  • Hamburg: 3
  • Helsinki: 7
  • Munich: 7
  • Szeged: 8
  • Tartu: 4

Students eligible for support must

  • be enrolled at one of the partner universities;
  • be present throughout the Winter School (from arrival day to departure day!) and participate in all courses;
  • write a learning diary / course portfolio and provide an active contribution (these will be defined in more detail in the course descriptions) in at least one of the workshops;
  • get prepared to the Winter School already in the preceding weeks by familiarising themselves with the material which will be provided on the course platform, and start to plan their own active contribution.

What do the students get?

All students will be granted 10 ECTS points as part of their regular studies at their home university; further details (which point of the curriculum, etc.) will be decided at each partner institute and communicated to the students.

The EU (Erasmus / Life Long Learning Programme) will cover the (modest) accommodation costs of the students and refund their travel costs (in return of original tickets, receipts and boarding cards).

We will attempt to finance at least part of the meals from our organisational budget as well. However, we cannot promise full board for all throughout the Winter School.

What does the programme of the Winter School consist of?

At the moment, the following courses and workshops are being planned:

  • Language course: Meadow Mari (crash course for beginners by Jeremy Bradley, advanced course for students who have already studied Mari with Tatyana Efremova) and Hill Mari
  • Language course: Nenets (by Lotta Jalava)
  • Workshop: Fieldwork methods (teachers in charge: Elena Skribnik, Janne Saarikivi, Zsófia Schön)
  • Workshop: Scientific writing (teachers in charge: Johanna Laakso, Timothy Riese, Jeremy Bradley)
  • Workshop: Typology (teachers in charge: Elena Skribnik, Gerson Klumpp, Johanna Laakso)
  • Workshop: Contact-induced language change (teachers in charge: Marianne Bakró-Nagy, Johanna Laakso, Gerson Klumpp)
  • Colloquium: especially for advanced MA and PhD students for presenting and discussing their research projects
  • Lectures, also by guest teachers.



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